baby to barbell

Your body has just done something incredible. Take time, listen to your body, and give yourself some grace! The healing journey takes time—and I’m here to build you a road map. My 18-week Baby to Barbell Program will help ease you back into exercise with a safe & effective, strength-focused regimen.



    • Initial postpartum recovery exercises
    • 4x workouts per week after the 6th week mark, separated into 4 phases (each workouts 30-45 minutes long)
    • Tests and education videos including instructions on C-section massage, how to perform a diaphragmic and connection breath, and how to perform a self diastasis recti test.
    • Demonstration videos for over 70 exercises
    • Lifetime access to the product with all future updates


Program Outline

Slow and steady wins the race! When you are cleared for exercise, jumping into intense workouts can cause a lot more setbacks if your body has not healed properly. By reintroducing movement gradually throughout the 4 phase plan, you can reach your goal of returning to the activities you enjoy in a healthy way.

 Diaphragmatic breathing and light movement

Restorative motion and stretching

Low intensity band and bodyweight exercises

Progressive full body strength training


    • Feel confident in a four phase approach to returning to exercise
    • Understand how to perform diaphragmatic breathing + engage your deep core and pelvic floor
    • Have a clear understanding of what to look out for during recovery and when to stop
    • Know exactly what diastasis recti is and how to perform a self test

If you're ready to restore your strength and transition back to exercises you love...this course is for you

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