Client Love

"I’m very happy with my results after working with Jess and I would highly encourage anyone to hire her for any fitness needs" Tess T.
""Jessica has helped me so much after having my second baby! Her workouts are tailored to fit my needs and are fun, easy to follow, and challenging! Jessica is so helpful with giving me tips on nutrition and recipe ideas! Highly recommend working with Jessica!"
Leah M.
Whitney G.

“I love working with Jessica! She always responds quickly to my questions and is so motivating. I feel like she is really genuine with you wanting to succeed in her program. She’s so friendly and welcoming both personally and professionally too.

She is great with weight training for beginners and making sure it is not too overwhelming.  It is also great being able to do these workouts at home and she is so flexible with the equipment you need to get started.

She also has great ideas for meal planning and how to integrate macro counting into the diet you are used to already and keeps it simple with helpful tools. Being postpartum this was the perfect workout plan and way to make sure I was getting the correct nutrition that I needed.

I highly recommend working with her and can’t wait to keep seeing my results improve with how I look and feel!”

Mikyla S.

“Before training I felt lost in which direction I needed to go with my physical fitness.  Since working together, I have made progress in my consistency, overall strength and knowledge of the correct movement and proper form whilst training.

 I can confidently say now that I am so much more assured in my own strength as well as having the ability to complete exercises properly whilst training. It’s one thing to be doing all this exercise and it’s a whole other thing to be doing the exercises properly- I feel confident in all of the information you have provided me with and that is exceptionally hard to find in the online coaching world. 

My favorite part of training together is your positive, no-judgement attitude! You’re ALWAYS there no matter what and you put in so much effort in the specialized training programs! 

My life wouldn’t be the same without you!”

Working with Jessica was honestly exactly what I needed in both the physical sense as well as the emotional and mental. I started working with her at a time in my life where I wasn’t feeling confident in myself and my body. Within a month I started seeing visible changes to my body but more importantly I started to regain my self confidence and feel like myself again.


She listens to you and makes sure that your individual program is perfectly dialed in to your strengths, your weaknesses so that you can improve them, and your overall end-game goal. In addition to the physical training, she also helped me understand how to properly fuel my body. She has given me the tools to continue a healthy and sustainable lifestyle and helped me get my mama mojo back! Thank you so much, Jess!”

Brittany H,

Core restore

 A 6 week program to heal and restore your core and pelvic floor after birth. 


An 8 week progam with workouts 30 minutes & under that you can do from home with just a set of dumbbells. If you need quick and efficient workouts, this program is for you!

Get fit at home

Move stronger. Increase endurance. Build healthy habits. Introducing an 8 week progressive overload program that will work your entire body- and all with workouts under an hour! Gym & home options included.

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